Thursday 8-21-14


Warm Up:  Handstand Warm Up

Skill:  Handstand Walk

WOD: “Midline March”
3 Rounds For Time:
25 GHD Sit-ups
50′ Handstand Walk or 10 wall walks
50′ Overhead Walking Lunge (155/115)

After Bash: Shoulder Mobility

Travel WOD: For Time:
Run 1 Mile, lunging 30 steps every minute
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Travel WOD: Same as class!


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Wednesday 8-20-14


Warm Up: Slingshot Push-up


Skill: Push-up as Skill Transfer


WOD: For time:
150 Push-ups

*Every time you fail or stop and rest with your chest on the ground count a penalty. If a penalty is counted, you must imediately sprint 40 yards. Once the penalty is completed go back to performing the 150 push ups. Post your times and number of penalties.


After Bash: Plank Crawl Plate Drag Relay Race



Travel WOD: Same as class!


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Tuesday 8-19-14


Warm Up: “Cannonball”
Unbroken Kettlebell Swings


Skill: Power Clean


WOD: Every Minute on the Minute:
Power Clean x 1

*Start at 135/65, and increase by 10# per minute until you hit 225/155. For the following minutes, increase by 5# per minute until you fail a rep. If your 1RM is less than 225/155, start at 135/65, adding 5# per minute.

After Bash: 30 Barbell Roll-outs


Travel WOD: “Cannonball”
Unbroken Weighted Swings


*Find a weight and swing it!


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Monday 8-18-14


Warm Up: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3


Skill: Thruster


WOD : “Frantasy Land”  -Pick One

Thruster (95/65)
Pull Up

Thruster (115/75)
Chest to Bar Pull Up

Thruster (135/95)
Bar Muscle Up

*Choose a Rep Scheme/Weight – and GO!


After Bash: Recover



Travel WOD: 100 Push Ups For Time
*10 Sit Ups every time you break


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Saturday 8-16-14



Warm Up: Coach’s Choice


Skill: Team Strategy


WOD: “Team Triple 3″
In Teams of 3
For Time:
Row 3,000 Meters
300 Double Unders
Run 3 Miles

*One athlete works at a time. Athletes rotate every 250m on the row, and every 200m on the run.


After Bash: Fish Game on the Rower



Travel WOD: 10 Rounds for Distance:
1:00 Run
1:00 Recovery Jog


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