CrossFit Suwanee is a unique training experience designed to get people in the best shape of their lives.  The Crossfit methodology aims to train all areas of fitness by combining strength and cardiovascular training together in challenging and unique workout programs.   The best thing about Crossfit Suwanee is that it is appropriate for all types of athletes.   For the stay at home mom, to elite athlete, to endurance runner and everyone in between, CrossFit workouts can be scaled for all levels by simply altering loads, duration and intensity of each exercise.

More than a gym . . . a revolution in fitness

Suwanee Sports Academy provides a unique CrossFit environment.  First of all the size and resources of our facility provide endless opportunities and training advantages.  For example, our indoor track allows us to incorporate running into a workout without even leaving the gym.   Other CrossFit facilities might require you to go outside and run in a parking lot or on a sidewalk (not much fun when its raining or its dark and cold in the winter).   In fact, with nearly 100,000 square feet of space, a full complement of CrossFit equipment and a professional staff passionate about improving fitness, we believe Suwanee Sports Academy CrossFit has the recipe to get you results.  

But we are more than a gym or simply a place to go to workout.  Suwanee Sports Academy CrossFit is also an attitude, a dedication to improving one's total level of fitness.  Its accomplishing something that once seemed unattainable. Its a healthy lifestyle choice.  Its learning to dig deeper and go farther.  If you are ready to transform the way you workout, come join the new revolution in fitness.